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The Undomestic OC

[un]successful stories of everyday living

The Princess on the Purple Throne
6 May 1984

Boyd is Love
Colorbar made by galenalistova

shopping is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

add w * i * z * z * a * r * t to your flist and make her a happy person.


v1.0 Right here... waiting
Credits: Rachel Weisz
v2.0 Gossip Girl: Sightings
Credits: pictures of the book covers plus Paris Hilton as Serena Van Der Woodsen and Mischa Barton as Blair Waldorf.
v3.0 Mean Girls: Naughty & Nice
Credits: Idea from the song Santa Claus is Coming to Town
v4.0 The Princess Diaries: It's not easy being a Princess
Credits: maraisms for the layout.
v5.0 Shopping is Love
Credits: maraisms for the layout, getty images for the photos of the layout & icons.
v6.0 Separate Lives D/Hr
Credits: alcarcalime for the layout, icons & overrides, BOYD & evangelinefans for the photos of the layout.
v7.0 Boyd Holbrook Boytoy
Credits: alcarcalime for the banner & color codes, wikedsprite for the overrides, BOYD & ohreally___ for the photos of the layout.
v8.0 I enjoy being a girl
Credits: maraisms for the layout, getty images for the photos of the layout
v9.0 To die like this with one last kiss
Credits: alcarcalime for the layout, findingbliss for the D/Hr fanart, trex-tures for the textures, and squidfingers for the background image.
v10.0 Random Female
Credits: alcarcalime for the layout, getty images for the photos, and trex-tures and arisubox for the textures.
v11.0 Pink shoesies on green grass
Credits: alcarcalime for the layout and stockxchng for the photos.
v12.0 Love Rollercoaster
Credits: grrliz of thefulcrum the layout and CSS codes
v13.0 Pink Flexi Squares
Credits: multi_facetd of mintyapple the layout and CSS codes with minor tweaking by me
v14.0 Fizz Pop
Credits: novaless the layout and CSS codes
v15.0 Peacock Declining an Umbrella
Credits: grrliz of thefulcrum the layout and CSS codes

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